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Milez 4 Red Cross

November 06, 2011

When the 2011 NYC Marathon was canceled due to Hurricane Sandy I decided to step up my game and turn a lost opportunity into a way to help those people who were affected by the disaster. I decided I would return home to Boston and run 1 mile for each $10 donation to the Red Cross I could raise. Little did I know how viral the event would go. Within just a few hours I was being contacted by news outlets, friends and family asking how they could help. I lined up some sponsors in Boston and made a plan. Together with several friends, acquaintenances, and strangers we raised over $3000 and ran over 300 miles!

Zoom Multisport Boston Run

May 01, 2013

After the terrible bombings at the 2013 Boston Marathon I decided I wanted a way to help my friends and teammates get together and to support each other. After seeing a running club in SF run out the word "Boston" I immediately knew this was the best way to do it. I mapped out the "Boston" course with the help of a colleague and we set up a team event for Zoom Multisport and friends to come and run out "Boston" in the streets near where the bombs went off a mere couple weeks prior.

Boston Old State House Time Capsule

November 23, 2014

When I heard the Bostonian Society was soliciting donations for things to be placed into the new time capsule that would be put back into the Lion statue atop the Old State House I immediately thought that a medal from the 2013 Boston Marathon should be included. I tweeted and emailed the Bostonian Society and recommended they put one in, and if they needed one I would donate mine. Mind you, I didn't think anyone would listen let alone accept, so when I got the email I was wicked excited!

Gatorade Endurance Social Media Boston Marathon

March 24, 2018

I was chosen by Gatorade Endurance to help give tips and advice for the first 6 miles of the Boston Marathon course as part of a new campaign.

Boston Double: The marathon so nice they run it twice

April 06, 2018

Featured article on about athletes participating in the Boston Double. The running of the Boston Marathon from the finish line to the start line and back to the finish line!

50-50-50 Iron Cowboy

July 07, 2015

Greg and Billy took the day off work and planned to join James Lawrence, aka the Iron Cowboy, as he completed the Ironman Triathlon in Massachusetts on his journey across the country. They decided that they wanted to help with the fundraising efforts for the Jamie Oliver Food Foundation in an effort to raise awareness and educate people about the foods they eat. Together we surpassed our $1460 goal ($10 for every mile) and raised $1630 for the effort. It was a great day!

Lobsterman Triathlon Wedding Edition

September 20, 2016

Woo and I participated in the Lobsterman Triathlon the morning of our wedding and were mentioned in SlowTwitch!

Soutiea Repeats as Champion

August 06, 2016

News article from MassUltra website about the Sweltering Summer 8 hour ultra marathon.

Mass Ultra - Soutiea Sizzles

August 19, 2017

News article from MassUltra website about the Sweltering Summer 8 hour ultramarathon

Mass Ultra - Run4Water

April 07, 2017

News article from MassUltra website about the Run4Water 24 hour ultra marathon.

Mass Ultra Black Canyon 100k

February 24, 2018

News article from MassUltra website about the Black Canyon 100k roundup.

Boston Globe Noteworthy Performances

News articles fromun the Boston Globe Noteworthy Performances section of the paper:

2015 Sweltering Summer 8 hour

2016 Sweltering Summer 8 hour

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