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#RunStreak over!

(Post republished from previous blog

19 days!

In the last 19 days I’ve done 24 runs which covered 169 total miles; the majority of which were done on the Boston Marathon course. I’ve also added in some lifting and a few swims to break things up. Even though it was not intentional or deliberate this is by FAR the most days I’ve ever went in a row without a rest day. During this time my “rest days” typically consisted of 35 minute recovery paced runs. During these my HR would need to remain below 146 BPM, which was typically around 8-830 pace per mile for me depending on the day. They weren’t hard days by any means, but they were not “off” days like I am used to.

After doing these type of recovery days after my long runs, or speed workouts, I’ve decided that I am in favor of this method. It keeps the legs moving and the blood flowing better than complete off days – though those are apparently still useful every now and then. It also helps keep my ITB loose by running those days after long/hard workouts at a very easy pace.

That being said; I completed my last “long run” before the Boston Marathon last weekend and did 23 miles from the start line in Hopkinton back to my house along the course (which I live about 1/2 mile off of). This capped off a my 16th straight day running and a 79 mile week for me (again the most I’ve ever done in one week) and damnit if somehow my legs didn’t just feel AMAZING! I know, I know, I’m kind of an asshole…sorry ’bout that (okay, I’m not really). However, it is TRUE! After what legitimately felt like an easy run for almost every minute of the 2:40 I spent out there (a hair over 7 min/mile pace) my legs just felt better than they had in weeks. Maybe it was a complete mental thing, I hit the last long run, and it felt great, so a huge weight (so to speak) was lifted off of me. Or whatever. All I know is I had to go lift afterwards (legs of course – thanks Coach) and I even increased the weight I normally do on my leg presses and squats and my legs still felt great after!

For the first time, I finally felt like I AM READY FOR BOSTON. I am ready for Boston. I am ready. I have to keep telling myself that to make sure it sinks in, and because the race is a mere 18 days away…but each time I tell myself I know the answer. The answer is 100%, without a doubt, absolutely, positively, unquestionably YES!

Are you ready? For the Boston Marathon? For your next big race? For whatever adventure or challenge awaits you next…are YOU ready? Comment below to tell me what you have coming up next and what you’ve done to mentally and physically prepare for it.

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