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March 12, 2013

(Post republished from previous blog


I’ve been meaning to sit and write about one of the worst runs I can remember ever doing for a few weeks now since it happened; but apparently “life” got in the way…


A few weeks ago my training plan called for a 90 minute zone 1 run on Thursday then a 120 minute run on Friday which included a 45 minute zone 2 push to finish it off. No big deal…or so I thought.


October 18, 2012

(Post republished from previous blog


I personally find that it is best for my personal life and training schedule to do my long runs during the week and a medium length run during the weekend sometime. This helps to get in a few more miles, as well as makes some extra time for some biking/swimming (or drinking) on the weekends; whichever the case may be. However, it does mean that I find myself...

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My name is Greg. I like to run. I like to run a lot. Occasionally I go for swims or bikes and try out the triathlon thing; but mostly I swim and bike so I can run. Also, I like to drink beers and eat all the foods. Sometimes I combine running with traveling and/or drinking the beers. I also love my Zoom Multisport and Somerville Road Runner teammates.

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February 18, 2018

January 31, 2018

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